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The Guide To Meatless Eating




Information For Those People Who Have Decided

 To Stop Eating Meat, For Whatever Reason.















There Will Always Be

People Who Eat








There Will Always Be

People Who Don't Eat








What Do People Eat

 When They Donít Eat

  Meat ?














Simple Answer :


Meat Substitutes



There Are Many


 Meat Substitutes.






Meat Substitutes


Are Not All Worth Eating.






There Are Many Meatless Burgers

That Taste Very Good, But They

Don't Taste Like Meat.






There Are Many Meatless Burgers

That Almost Taste Like Meat, But They

Don't Chew Like Meat.













The Guide To




Meatless Eating




Is The Summary Of

 A Study Conducted To Determine Which

Meat Substitutes

Are Actually Worth Eating.




The Study Ranked

Meat Substitutes

For Both

Taste And Texture.




Taste Is Very Important,

But, If A

 Meat Substitute

Chews Like Thick Soup,

It Is Not Really A True

  Meat Substitute.




Is Just As Important As










Meat Substitutes

Must Score High

In Both

Taste And Texture

To Be Considered True

  Meat Substitutes.



When A Person Decides To

Stop Eating Meat,

The Memory Of The Taste And Texture

  Of Eating Meat Must Be Addressed,

Especially During The Transition.



Just Ask Anyone Who Has

Stopped Eating Meat,

If They Still Don't Enjoy The Smell

Of Hot Dogs And Hamburgers

Being Grilled At A Picnic.


 The Memory Never Fades.



The Guide Lists The Perfect

Hot Dog And Hamburger



They Smell, Cook, Taste, And Chew

Just Like The Real Things.














The Guide To




Meatless Eating




Lists  22  Of The Best

Meat Substitutes

On The Market Today.



The Listing Includes The Best Product

 In Each Of The Following Categories:


Hot Dog Link

Hamburger Patty

Sausage Patty

Sausage Link

Fish Patty

Chicken Patty

Chicken Breast

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Chunks

Chicken Bits

Ground Beef Bits

Turkey Breast

Barbeque Ribs

Pork Cutlet

Sliced Bacon

Sliced Ham

Sliced Baloney

Canned Tuna Fish

Italian Meats Balls

Chicken Pot Pie

Chile Pot Pie


 The Two Best Milk Substitutes On The Market.









 Only The Very Best

Meat Substitutes

Were Placed On The List.



These Products Will Ease You Into A  Meatless Diet, Without Asking You To Give Up The Tastes And Textures Of The Meats That You Have Eaten For Most Of Your Life.



All Of These Products Are Available In Local Health Food Stores, And Many Of Them Are Also Available In Local Supermarkets.



It Is Easier, And Much More Convenient To Eat A Completely Meatless Diet Today Than It Has Ever Been In The Past.



Whether You Are Interested In The Elimination Of All Meats From Your Diet, Or Just Reluctantly Reducing Your Red Meat Consumption, Based On Your Doctor's Repeated Recommendations, All Of The  Products On The List Will Allow You To Give Up Your Favorite Meats Without Really Giving Up The Familiar Tastes And Textures Of Eating Meat On A Continued Basis.





The Guide To




Meatless Eating




Will Save You The Time And Money

That Most People Waste

Buying And Tasting The

Many Disappointing

Meat Substitutes

Available Today.












The Guide To




Meatless Eating




Will Save You Many Times More

  Than The Asking Price.




The Guide Is Available

For Only







We Won't Insult Your Intelligence

By Telling You How Much

The Guide Is Really Worth.



A Busy Person Like Yourself

Already Knows

How Much Your Time Is Worth




How Long It Would Take

To Blindly Sample All

The Meatless Products

Available In Stores,

Before You Eventually Discover

Each Of The 22 Products Listed In



The Guide To




Meatless Eating















We Will Challenge

Your Sense Of Compassion

 By Offering You A Package Upgrade,

If You Donate To A Food Program

 Which Is Run By A Local

 United Way Agency.








If You Elect To Donate $ 5.00

To The Local Food Program,

We Will Match Your $ 5.00 Donation

And Upgrade Your Order

To Include



Meatless Links


To More Than



 Meatless Recipes.



The Best Part Is

 That Everyone Benefits.



The Food Program Receives

A Total Of

$ 10.00

 And You Receive

The Recipe Upgrade

Along With A Very Warm Feeling

For Helping Feed The Hungry.









Feel Free


 Follow Your Conscience.




Meatless Guide







National Press Release

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Meatless Guide

Donation Upgrade






National Press Release

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 Before You Decide

   To Buy Either Package,

  Read The Following Quote:

"Human beings are not natural carnivores. When we kill animals to eat them, they end up killing us because their flesh, which contains cholesterol and saturated fats, was never intended for human beings, who are natural herbivores."

 William C. Roberts MD


American Journal Of Cardiology



 Thank You For Visiting.





Since our products are nothing more than valuable packs of information, and since there is no way to return information once it is communicated, all sales must be final. Unethical customers in the past have made this policy necessary. By proceeding with your purchase, you acknowledge that you agree with, and accept, the no-return, no-refund terms as described above.